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Innovative Insights helps clients succeed by working with them to identify areas for improvement within their people, process, and technology. We also shape our solution and approach so that it aligns with their culture, vision, and goals.

We are committed to helping our clients evolve by designing strategies and solutions that drive business value, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and sustainable growth.

Why Us

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Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is comprised of experienced individuals who possess a deep understanding of how our company's services and capabilities can be leveraged to help our clients achieve their Goals. Their passion and insights drive our organization's success, inspiring innovation and ensuring that we deliver value for our clients.

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Jay Mewhirter

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Jay is an empowering business and technology executive with decades of experience successfully leading and executing complex business initiatives.

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Curry RBF4235_FINAL_edited.jpg

Mark Curry

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Mark is a passionate executive change leader that creates vision, strategy and plans that inform every level in an organization about what is necessary to achieve their goals.

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Abby Palsic

Fundraising Practice Director

Abby has 20+ years of fundraising experience she combines with her deep understanding of program management and design to drive breakthrough solutions for her clients that enable them to elevate performance.

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Doug Huffman

Agile Practice Director

Doug is an experienced delivery professional that excels at coaching and leading business and technology teams on their initiatives with a focus on solution quality and Agile processes.

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Troy Greenwood

Senior Technology & Data Strategist

Troy is a strategically minded leader experienced in utilizing data for competitive advantage via master data management, governance, and business intelligence tools.

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Julie Curry

Administration Director

Julie uses her experience in driving client service satisfaction to help us foster a culture of employee and client satisfaction while ensuring we stay compliant with current and evolving policies and regulations.


Chris Marlowe

Data Warehouse & Data Technologies Consultant

Chris has dedicated his career to building, supporting and leading large-scale Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) projects across the Financial Services, Healthcare and Software industries.

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Tom Closs

Senior Application Architect

Tom has been innovating the way business and customers engage throughout his career. Tom led the development of several award winning digital and mobile experiences and remains hands-on with today's newest technologies.

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Mike Banta

IT Management & Agile Coaching

Mike is an accomplished IT leader application & development leader and Agile Coach. Mike has extensive experience in overseeing and enhancing operations for organizations.

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Carolyn_20230811-_RBF6328 reduced size_edited.jpg

Carolyn Whitehead

Fundraising Leader

Fundraising leader, builder and trusted advisor for non-profit organizations, universities and colleges seeking to significantly and sustainably grow philanthropic revenues to advance mission and vision.

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