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Innovative Insights extends its perspective, talent pool and capacity by leveraging parters. Our partners range from small boutique companies with specialization in various niche service industries to large technology and service outsourcing partners we can leverage to scale for larger project and program delivery. 

Partners are an important part of our company DNA as it allows us to expand our services and capacity and include well established companies and their teams as well as top tier individual talents whom we know and trust and have worked with over our decades of experiences. 

Our Partners

Fists in Solidarity

 Spotlight on Our Partners

From time to time we will feature one or more of our partners to provide our clients a glimpse into the amazing offerings they can bring to the table to help you on your journey. We find that these offerings often go hand-in-hand with our current engagements, but there are also occasions where our clients could benefit from a direct 1-on-1 relationship with our partners. We support and encourage these situations. 

Our current featured parter is C2 Executive Solutions. We have known and worked with the principle and lead Mental Fitness Coach, Christine Calandrella, for years. C2 is currently offering a program called ElevateHer focused on coaching experienced female leaders ready to fine-tune their mental and emotional energy to elevate their leadership impact. You can learn more about C2 Executive Solutions below. 

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You bring the team.  C2 brings the tools.  We bring your strategy to life.

Your organization is getting the results it’s designed to get. If your organization isn’t taking full advantage of the opportunities in front of it, it may be time to redesign. But redesigns can get unwieldy and create more problems than they solve. It’s easy to fall victim to common pitfalls that cost your business time, money, talent, and customers. Nearly 60% of organization restructures fail.* On average they actually wind up decreasing profit by almost 3%**—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

​Whether your go-to-market strategy is changing, your company is growing in leaps and bounds, or you need to tweak to find efficiency and scale, we can design your company to meet your customer promises. 

​*2016 Gartner Change Management Head of Function Survey
**Restructure or Reconfigure? Harvard Business Review, March-April 2017

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